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What is Independent Colourists Guild? 

About Us

Independent Colourists Guild (ICG) is a professional community based on a free membership for Colourist from all over the world.We are focused on free will and artistic aspect of every member in our Guild. Among our members there are professionals who are well acknowledged around the world.

Our Goals

Target of the guild is to help develop and incorporate all of the artistic potential acquired by every member of the guild. Grant access to the best education on Colourist professional studies for our members. Unite Colourist from all over the world in one professional community. Expand job opportunities independent from location or nationality of Colourist.

What a Guild Membership Gives You?

Every Guild member has a right to:

Post demonstration materials of completed works on Guilds web resources. This includes videoclips, trailers, etc. Use Guild abbreviation (ICG) in credits after name. For example: DI Colourist - John Parker ICG. Use Guild resources for commercial or non-commercial needs if those do not interfere with the rights of other members. Invite other Colourist to join Guild and give recommendations for membership 

How Can I Become a Member of the Guild?

Fill the registration form and provide list of completed jobs. Provide references or links on completed jobs on your personal page in official Guild website. Receive recommendation letter from two current members of the Guild.

Advantages of Membership

The membership in the Guild is absolutely free and is lifetime. (Upon complying with the orders and terms of Guild membership) Versatile environment and functional development of every Guild member. Unique offers for professional education, job offers, discounts, etc. Completely independent international community. Without politics, nationalities or religion.

How to use this resource more effectively? 

How is everything arranged here?

For these and other questions, we have prepared for you a small video presentation tour of our site.

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