Aug 25

SGO's exclusive event for the ICG Creative Community

SGO's exclusive event for the ICG Creative Community

SGO to present a special online live event exclusively dedicated to the Independent Colourists Guild, introducing the latest developments and upgrades of a completely redesigned Color GUI and other new functionalities of revolutionary Mistika 10.

This online session will take place on 24 September 2020 starting at 18:00 UTC and will be hosted in two languages. The first of two presentations will be conducted in English and the second one in Russian language. Sign up links are available below:



“Presenting Mistika 10 to the ICG audience is very important for SGO and we are very excited to show them a differentiating solution that takes color to a whole new level,” said Jose Luis Acha, Regional Sales Manager at SGO. “Mistika 10 demonstrates our total commitment to the global Color Community and we very much look forward to hearing ICG creativity community feedback on the latest developments and upgrades of Mistika Boutique.”

The English language session will be held by Adrian Gonzalez Diaz, Mistika Boutique Product Manager. “We will show how to elevate the efficiency and productivity of color-based workflows and achieve even greater finesse in the color grading process with the latest features and functionalities of Mistika 10.

In the second presentation* Ilia Ivanov, Head of the Development Department at ICG, will be highlighting Mistika Boutique’s unique capabilities. “We will cover the basic day-to-day operations that colorists and finishing artists need to regularly address and show how they can speed up their workflows in Mistika Boutique.”

Exclusive Offer for all ICG Members: 50% discount to Mistika Boutique
All ICG members are entitled to an exclusive offer of 50% discount for the subscription-based full-finishing software solution Mistika Boutique, valid for all editions, subscription plans and single-use licenses.

To apply for the promotion, please follow the next simple steps.

1. Register your user account on the SGO website

Click on the “Login” button in the upper right corner of the SGO website and select the “Sign Up” option.

2. Fill out the Application form

Once registration on the SGO website is completed successfully, please submit the application form available here:

3. Confirmation

After SGO reviews your application you will receive a confirmation email and then be able to purchase any Mistika Boutique editions, subscription plans or single-use licenses with a 50% discount automatically applied when logged in to the SGO website.

*Please note that this session will be exclusively presented in Russian language.”


Feb 04

Regional Offices of ICG is Open

Regional Offices of ICG is Open

“We are announcing the opening of ICG Regional Offices.
From February 2021, ICG regional offices will appear in the following countries...”

Dear Colorists!

We hasten to please everyone.
Our Independent Colourists Guild (ICG) is growing and filled with color grading professionals from around the world. Today there are over 500 professionals colorists from 77 countries.

We are actively developing our partnership program and training, and in 2020 we became the organizers and founders of the first specialized Colorist Awards for colorists.

We are proud to be of service to you.

At the end of 2020, the guild leadership made a fundamental decision to develop our guild in most countries where our professionals are present.
Therefore, we are announcing the opening of ICG Regional Offices.

From February 2021, ICG regional offices will appear in the following countries:

• Argentina
• Albania
• Croatia
• Egypt
• European Union countries
• Gulf countries
• Kazakhstan
• Montenegro
• Switzerland
• Serbia

In the coming months, we will be able to increase the presence of our regional ICG offices
in many other countries.

Each regional office is assigned a leader, professional colorist and active member of the Independent Colourists Guild.

ICG Regional Office Leaders:

Eduardo Sierra - ICG Argentina;
Daniele Paglia - ICG European Union, Switzerland, Albania, Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia;
Nurtas Mamytbaev - ICG Kazakhstan;
Andreas Brueckl - ICG Gulf Countries;

We congratulate all colorists on the successful launch of ICG regional offices and hope that our productive development of the color grading industry will become even more efficient.

Best Regards,
Alexander Prokhorushkin
Founder and Head of ICG”

Dec 02

Sony and ICG - partners

Sony and ICG - partners

“The Independent Colorists Guild (ICG) announces a collaboration and full-fledged partnership with Sony.
Sony is pleased to announce its partnership with the International Association of Professional Colorists  - ICG (Independent Colorists Guild)”

“The Independent Colorists Guild (ICG) announces a collaboration and full-fledged partnership with Sony.
Sony is pleased to announce its partnership with the International Association of Professional Colorists - ICG (Independent Colorists Guild)

“We are delighted to support the ICG and their efforts to build and strengthen a global professional colourist community. Our company is ready, together with ICG, to support the development of the industry and improve the level of professionalism of specialists. This direction is rightfully one of the most demanded and difficult in media production ", - commented Dmitry Bunevich, manager of the professional department of Sony Electronics JSC.

 “We are very pleased that the world leader in the production of professional equipment for the production and post-production of media content has agreed to become a partner of the Guild.
We hope that this collaboration will enable all Guild members to have access to the best professional solutions from Sony.
In the person of the head of ICG, we believe that such a partnership also adds exceptional value to our recently announced Colorist Awards among colorists, which will be held in the capital of Russia, Moscow, in the spring of 2021” - said Alexander Prokhorushkin, CEO and founder ICG.

 About Sony
Sony Corporation is a leading manufacturer of audio, video, photography, games, communications and information products for the consumer and professional markets. Sony's goal is to fill the world with emotion through new technology and the power of imagination.

 About ICG
The Independent Colourists Guild (ICG) is the largest international community of professional colourists dedicated to developing and supporting colorists from around the world.
The guild provides an educational platform for development, technical support for various hardware and software color grading systems and of course a large community that includes members from all over the world.
Members of the Guild are professional colorists from 74 countries of the world (as of November 2020).

Official website SONY:
Official website Colorist Awards:

Oct 02

5 Reasons to become a participant

5 Reasons to become a participant

“Smart infographics about Colorist Awards 2020.”


Oct 02

Tangent Company and ICG - partners

Tangent Company and ICG - partners

“Tangent announces collaboration with the Independent Colorist Guild, supporting their specialized Colorist Awards initiative.”

Tangent announces collaboration with the Independent Colorist Guild, supporting their specialized Colorist Awards initiative

Tangent is pleased to announce their collaboration with the international association for professional colorists ICG (Independent Colorist Guild) by sponsoring the Colorist Awards.

“We are delighted to support the ICG and their endeavours to build and strengthen the global professional colourist community,” said Andy Knox, Sales Director at Tangent. “The specialized Colorist Awards are a great opportunity for all color artists from around the world to share their inspiring work with other professionals and to be seen and recognized in the industry.”

“It is our pleasure having Tangent as a leading post-production software developer supporting our initiative as we believe it adds extraordinary value to the recently announced Colorist Awards,” shared Alexander Prohorushkin, CEO and Founder of the ICG.

Tangent will be providing some panels as prizes for the Colorist Awards. These surfaces are supported by a huge range of tools and are the go-to solution for control of multiple applications. “These specialized awards are open to a global color community with creativity and professionalism being the only criteria for participation,” added Prohorushkin.

More information and Colorist Awards submission procedure is available HERE.

About Tangent
Tangent is an electronics and software design house which creates solutions for the visual post-production industry. We are best known for producing class-leading Control Surfaces targeted primarily for use with applications which incorporate Colour Grading. Tangent products have also been integrated with many other solutions ranging from editing and other post processes to control of camera and projector rigs.

About ICG
Formed in 2017, ICG is the largest international guild for professional colorists, including more than 470 colorists from 69 countries. ICG is a guild based on free membership where the main criteria for each member of the guild is professionalism and respect for colleagues. This is a non-profit organization and therefore the goals and objectives are, as well as the main goal, the professional growth and development of each colorist who joins the ICG.”

Sep 10

Portrait Displays and ICG - partners

Portrait Displays and ICG - partners

“Portrait Displays and the Independent Colorists Guild Team Up to Promote the Professional Growth and Development of Colorists Worldwide”

Portrait Displays and the Independent Colorists Guild Team Up to Promote the Professional Growth and Development of Colorists Worldwide

Pleasanton, CA, USA – Portrait Displays and the Independent Colorists Guild (ICG) have formed a new partnership to promote the professional growth and development of colorists worldwide.

The collaboration aims to develop promising joint activities, such as educational pursuits, that will produce long-term results and encourage professionals in the content creation industry.

Since its founding in 2017, ICG has become the largest international guild for professional colorists, including 450 members from 65 countries. The non-profit organization occupies a unique position in the colorist community, providing a space of respect among its specialists.

As professionals in the field of color correction, one of the most important tools for a colorist is a properly configured screen for color grading. ICG supports Portrait Displays’ market-leading calibration software, Calman, as it’s go-to solution when calibrating displays across the globe.

"We are confident that our partnership and collaboration will be an important milestone in the development of the video and film industry among professional colorists," said Alexander Prohorushkin, Founder and CEO of Independent Colorists Guild.

Portrait Displays is also pleased to be an event partner for the newly-launched Colorists Awards, the first international competition hosted by ICG and the Colorists Society International that focuses specifically on the craft of color and the work done by colorists in feature films, television, documentaries, commercials, music videos and short films. Entries are now being accepted until December 31, 2020, on the Colorist Awards website, and the awards winners will be announced in March, 2021.

"As friends and partners of ICG, we’re looking forward to pursuing new and exciting opportunities that will contribute to the overall well-being and development of the colorist community," Mark Ryals, Portrait Displays Director of Marketing, stated. "We are also proud to be an official partner for the upcoming Colorists Awards. We can’t wait to witness the creativity and submissions by colorists around the world."


About the Independent Colorists Guild
Independent Colorists Guild is a professional community based on free membership for colorists all over the world. They are focused on free will and artistry for every member of the guild. Among the membership are professionals who are well-known throughout the globe in the community.

Learn more at

About Portrait Displays
Portrait Displays provides color display solutions that combine the latest in color science with advanced display control. Portrait Displays ensures that color presents beautifully on screens of all sizes – for global device manufacturers, content creators, and content distributors. Only Portrait Displays upholds color quality every step of the way, from the creation of the first frame to its appearance on the screen of any device.

Portrait Displays’ Calman color calibration software is the most popular calibration solution utilized by Hollywood’s most respected color professionals. Calman color calibration solutions meet the requirements to deliver a superior viewing experience that is just right.

Portrait Displays is headquartered in Pleasanton, CA with an office in Edmonds, WA and a presence across Europe, Taiwan, China, Japan, and Korea. Portrait Displays is an Intel Capital Portfolio company. With decades of experience in color science and display technology, Portrait Displays is taking the lead in inventing a more colorful digital future.

For additional information contact:
Portrait Displays