Denis Kholodkov

Denis Kholodkov


Location: Russia, Rostovskaya Oblast', Taganrog

Working Place: DH

Experience: From 1 year to 3 years

For two years, i have been engaged in commercial color grading. During this time i worked with a lot of interesting projects. Working with Flanders Scientific reference monitor

Commercial 2
Music 2
Other 1

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Director: Lana Herzog

Camera: Alex Soonrich

Production: Image Garden Production, 2020

My Confession - Poka i zdes

Director: Alex

Camera: Nikolai Fry

Production: NikFry, 2020

Showreel 2019

Director: NA

Camera: NA

Production: Denis Hater, 2019

Rail Go

Director: Alex Isaev

Camera: Den Kholodkov

Production: DH, 2019

No matter What

Director: Tonny Succar

Camera: Alvaro Montagna

Production: Tonny Succar, 2018