Joshua Borrill

Joshua Borrill

Senior Colorist

Location: Italia, Regione Liguria, Genoa

Experience: More than 10 years

Joshua is an internationally renowned colorist and workflow expert. Originally starting his career in post as a multri award winning editor, his passion for color over took not long after. Joshua believes that there are two aesthetics that define a look, that is colour tone and image texture. These two elements induce very different emotions, if not used correctly could have adverse effects, but used correctly, you can summon every emotion intended and beyond. Joshua believes grading is a push-and-pull process, almost as a focus puller finds his focus, so does a colorist find the look of an image. An image should not be fought, you should dance with it, massage it, shape it, as a potter does with clay. Joshua is a true master of his craft, which has led him to be highly sort after. He has worked with a plethora of International heavy weight directors such as: Kevin Donovan (The Tuxedo), Jon Watts (Cop Car & Spiderman Homecoming), Diana Kunst (Spain) Nanno Jiskoot (Netherlands), Matthias Berndt (Germany), Jon Barber (USA), Luis Gerard (USA), Alexandra Ada (France), Pascal Dash (France), Nick Sawyer (UK), Frank Martines Smit (Germany), Niels La Croix (Netherlands), Jan Boon (Belgium), Tejal Patni (UAE), Michael Williams (UK), Jerry Dugan (USA), Chris Saunders (France), Amy Allais (South Africa), Andre Maat (Netherlands), Jaoa Marques (Portugal), Laurentius Emmelman (Germany), Linda Callenholt (Sweden), Caroline Sascha Cogez (UK), Toby Styling (Austrailia), Gordon Clark (USA). Joshua is a man that will deliver to international expectations. He is also willing to travel wherever you need him to. He has worked in the following countries: United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Dubai, Seychelles, Ukraine, Kenya, Nigeria, Thailand, South Africa and Namibia. Joshua is also equipped for fully remote post production and has offered this service to his clients for the past 5 years.

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Berger // Silk Glamour

Director: Anupam Mishra

Camera: Ravi K Chandran

Production: Belief Films, 2022


Director: Lucas Fazzio

Camera: Akira Vecchi

Production: Santa Transmedia, 2022


Director: Lucas Fazzio

Camera: Akira Vecchi

Production: Santa Transmedia, 2022

OLYMPIKUS // Corre Eco

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Camera: Gabriel Bianchini

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HEINZ // Tasbeeka // Arabia

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Production: Propeller Films, 2020

Interac // Own Your World

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Camera: NA

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REDEMPTION RUM // A Capella feat. Khuli Chana

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Production: Ola Films, 2020

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Camera: Jerry Dugan

Production: NA, 2018


Director: Matthias Bernt

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