Yaroslav Zvykov

Yaroslav Zvykov


Location: Russia, Moscow

Working Place: Freelance

Skills: Colorist / Mid Compose / Clean up

Experience: From 3 year to 7 years

Commercial 3
Music 1
Other 1

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Seti - Together

Director: Yan Nikolenko

Camera: @superemiz

Production: NA, 2020

2GIS - City inside

Director: @maslowrider

Camera: @nikitagetto_dop

Production: Massagency, 2020

BURO 3K \ Nothing supernatural

Director: Andrey Fedyaev

Camera: Sergey Chuev, Artem Orlov, Efim Kitaev, Evgeniy Remizovskiy

Production: Mass agency, 2020


Director: Yuriy Maslov

Camera: Igor Popelukh

Production: Massagency, 2018

F!T Service

Director: NA

Camera: NA

Production: Mass Agency, 2018