Ivan Dorogavtsev

Ivan Dorogavtsev


Location: Russia, Moscow

Skills: Davinci Resolve

Experience: From 3 year to 7 years

Freelance colorist

Commercial 5
Music 1
Other 1

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Good font x Levan Gorozia

Director: Alexander Sanfirov

Camera: Yaroslav Golovkin

Production: Workingtitle, 2020


Director: Philipp Whitelake

Camera: Mike Senin

Production: Simplygood, 2020


Director: Ashot Gevorkyan

Camera: Vasily Ivanov

Production: OMNI, 2020

Start Up ABC Berlin

Director: Nikita Mikitin

Camera: Anton Beliaev

Production: NA, 2020


Director: Anastasia Antonova

Camera: Andrew Skripnik

Production: Workingtitle, 2019


Director: NA

Camera: NA

Production: NA, 2019

Ren-tv promo Scheglov

Director: Besedin Vladimir

Camera: Kan Arseniy

Production: Brusnika Agency , 2019